Hunting Leases: Nalty Properties 2015-2018 – Escambia County, AL

Leases Currently Available for the remainder of the 2015-2018 lease contract*

*(Currently for lease year 2017-2018 which ends April 30, 2018)*

The lease rate is currently $8.00* per acre per year for the 2015-2018 lease period. Those wishing to maintain current food plots on the property will be assessed an additional $100 per food plot. Planting and maintenance of existing food plots will be the responsibility of the parties leasing the clubs. (We do not plant food plots.)

Clubs are also required to purchase liability insurance through Larson & McGowin, LLC. Insurance rates are 13 cents per acre for 2017-2018.

 There are no campgrounds, water or electrical on the property. The lessee has the right and privilege to hunt for all legal types and species of game birds and animals as per the written lease agreement.

LESSOR reserves the right to clear, reforest, or cultivate all or any portion of the said Leased Premises as it may, in the sole discretion, determine to be desirable and that LESSEE shall not be entitled to any refund or reduction of rent because of such activities.

You are welcome to look at the property at your convenience. We ask that you email or call us prior to entering the property. (, or 334-392-0025)

Click on map below for the PDF aerial photo map that contains geographical information that can be used with the apps mentioned below:

If you are using an iPhone, or other compatible hand-held devices, please be aware that some of the imagery may not show up in the background when you download the aerial maps.  It is best to look at these on a tablet or something with a larger screen. The maps have geographical data embedded in the file and can be loaded on your iPhone using an app. Click here for a link to the app. If you have an Android type smart phone click here for a link to a compatible app.

Club # 26 A – Approximately 363 +/- Acres

Club 26 B – Approximately 422 +/- Acres

Tracts may be leased separately or together as one larger tract.


Please note that all tract acreages are approximate.

 For more information contact us by e-mailing Sandra Baker at or calling 334-392-0025. Our office hours are 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday (11:30 – 12:30 lunch break – please leave a message).

Disclaimer: A general location/ tract map is included with this notification, but without any representation or warranty by lessor or Larson & McGowin, LLC. as to the accuracy or completeness thereof. Any prospective lessee should satisfy itself as to the value and condition of the property. Neither the lessor nor Larson & McGowin, LLC makes any warranties or guarantees concerning the quantity, quality, or kind of game on the property or the benefits the property may provide or as to the boundaries, acreage, access or easements or any other matter of record or not of record concerning the property. The lessor reserves the right to reject any and all offers or to accept any offer.

Access & Indemnity: During the lease process, lessor shall afford prospective lessees full access to the tract for their examination. Each prospective lessee, by availing itself of such access privileges, agrees to and shall indemnify and protect lessor and Larson & McGowin, LLC and hold them harmless from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage or any other loss, cost, expense or claim caused or alleged to be caused by such prospective lessee or its invitees, representatives, employees or agents while on or about the property pursuant to this lease, and each prospective lessee’s obligation in this regard shall survive the closing. Each prospective lessee exercising its rights to examine the property does so at its own risk with regard to patent and latent conditions of the property.

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